Active Retention Hip Holster for Beretta M9/M92 Right Hand

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The active retention system has a spring loaded catch which locks onto your pistols trigger guard as you holster it. Once it locks in the pistol will not come out until you press the release no matter what you do. You can do a back flip off of a trampoline or hang upside down until you are red in the face, it will not come out until you press the release.

The release is a thing of brilliance on its own. It is located on the side of the holster exactly where your trigger finger naturally comes to rest as you grab the pistols grip. This enables you to draw your sidearm in one fluid motion and as fast as greased lightening. Constructed out of extremely durable carbon fiber these holsters are molded to specific gun types for the best fit. Each holster comes with belt loop and a paddle platform. Also, the holster can be locked into multiple angles using either platform for the most comfortable cant. The paddle platform is designed to slide overtop the waistline of your pants and has special claws to grip the material so the holster is held securely. The belt loop platform can take up to a 2.25 inch belt and has locking adjustments to fit to smaller belts without unwanted play. 

The Beretta M9/M92 holster will fit most any M9 or M92 without a railed frame.

Measurements: Length 5 3/4" , Width 4 2/3"



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